Awake Under the Night Sky

'Awake Under the Night Sky', is a story of Vivian and Andre, a love that endures across continents and not only remains immune to the passage of time but also defies the setbacks of fate. The novel is a cross between women's fiction and romance, as it explores the depths of a relationship along with a quest to achieve something more meaningful in life.

Romance ebook

There were a few titles which I had shortlisted for the novel. But when I was editing one of the chapters set in Nainital I knew the title had to be, 'Awake under the night sky'.

India london

We went through multiple iterations before finalising the book cover. This was one of the shortlisted designs. Only the name Vanya Sharma went through 15 alterations. I cannot recall the number of times we have modified the book cover until it reached perfection.

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