The Journey....

Dreams do come true. You just need to keep pursuing them!

I believe so because I am pursuing mine.

What started as a casual coffee chat, became a strong desire for reviving my long lost love for writing. It all happened when I was telling a friend a story which was floating in my head. Her casual remark as to why I don’t write about it, triggered the start of a three year journey.

I started working on ‘Awake under the night sky’ during my maternity leave after having my second bundle of joy. Juggling writing with kids and full time work was not easy but it has been extremely fulfilling.

Being a first time writer, revising, re-revising and editing the book took major part of the time, even though I had completed the book in one year. I wrote almost every day for that  year and when I went back to work, I  started writing  during my daily train commute. In the next two years the manuscript went through substantial revisions and edits. It is satisfying to see the novel finally completed, edited, and the book cover designed; as if a dream is shaping itself to reality. I hope you enjoy reading it as much I enjoyed writing it!

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